It is prohibited under the SARA to:

  • kill, harm, harass, capture or take individuals of extirpated, endangered or threatened species.
  • possess, collect, buy, sell or trade individuals or parts of them.
  • damage or destroy an individual's residence.
  • destroy any part of the species' legally identified critical habitat.

Oregon spotted frog eggs, agassiz, bc (c) Mike Pearson

SARA Prohibitions apply to:

  • species covered by the federal Fisheries Act and the Migratory Bird Convention Act where ever they occur.
  • all species on federal lands.

Species under provincial jurisdiction are protected by the BC Wildlife Act. Federal Cabinet may create an order extending SARA's powers if a species is insufficiently protected by provincial laws.

Yellow-breasted chat (c) C.S. Robbins

Permits to conduct activities that affect species at risk may be issued:

  • only if the species' survival or recovery will not be jeopardized.
  • for scientific research relating to the conservation of the species.
  • for activities that will benefit the species.
  • for activities that have only an incidental effect on the species.

 Don becker, usgs