Warty Jumping-slug

COSEWIC Special Concern
BC Status Blue
Scientific Name
Hemphillia glandulosa
Taxonomic Group
Old Forest
Mature Forest
Immature Forest
Warty Jumping-slug (c) Kristiina Ovaska

Species Summary

This small slug (20 mm), which actually jumps when disturbed, is found from Oregon to British Columbia, where it is confined to southern Vancouver Island.  The warty jumping slug inhabits a variety of moist forest and riparian habitats at low to middle elevations. Abundant woody debris and leaf litter are important for cover and the slugs are frequently encountered at the base of sword ferns. Population size and trends are unknown, but distribution is patchy and much apparently suitable habitat is not occupied. Habitat degradation, loss and fragmentation due to urbanization and clear-cut logging have occurred over much of its Canadian range and continue to be the greatest threat to the species. The low number of scattered populations increases its vulnerability.


COSEWIC Special Concern
BC Status Blue
BC Wildlife Act None
BC Forest and Range Practices Act None
SARA Schedule 1

Additional Information

Conservation Data Centre of BC
Field Guide N/A

Regional Districts

Not a range map

The entire area of all regional districts in which the species occurs somewhere is shaded. The actual species range may be much smaller.

  1. Nanaimo Regional District
  2. Cowichan Valley Regional District
  3. Capital Regional District
  4. Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District

Forest Districts

  1. South Island Forest District (DSI)

Management Categories

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  1. Metapopulation
  2. Forest Mollusc
Please cite these pages as: Pearson, Mike and Healey, M.C.2012. Species at Risk and Local Government: a Primer for BC. Stewardship Centre of British Columbia, Courtenay BC.
Warty Jumping-slug