About Management Categories

  • Management categories are groups of species

    • that use environmental resources in a similar way.
    • are threatened by similar factors.
    • are likely to benefit from similar management approaches.

    Coeur d alne salamander (c) Gary Nafis / californiaherps.comRed-legged frog (c) Mike Pearson / pearson ecological


    How are they useful?

    They help simplify a daunting management problem.  British Columbia is home to almost 200 SARA listed species. A few Regional Districts have over 40 within their boundaries, and these numbers that will only grow in the foreseeable future. Managing such diversity is extremely challenging, especially since Best Management Practices (BMPs) have not been developed for most listed species. Management categories:

    • provide general guidance when no specific BMPs have been developed for a species.
    •  simplify management planning when multiple species at risk must be considered.

    (c) 2005 Stephen Dowlan Lewiss woodpeckerYellow-breasted chat (c) C.S. Robbins