Municipal governments are created by the Provincial Government and delegated jurisdiction over selected issues of local or regional importance. Their responsibilties and powers are laid out in British Columbia's Community Charter, the Local Government Act, and other Provincial legislation.

Municipalities regulate most development within their boundaries..

Municipal Governments exist to provide:

  • good government for its community.
  • services, laws and other matters for community benefit.
  • stewardship of the community's public assets.
  • fostering of the economic, social, and environmental well-being of its community.

Cemetary, agassiz bc (c) Mike Pearson

Municipal powers:

  • include regulation of most private land uses.
  • are restricted on private lands within the Agricultural Land Reserve and Private Managed Forest Lands
  • include ownership of public lands and the operation of public parks.
  • include the provision of any service the council considers necessary or desirable.
  • include the ability to pass and enforce bylaws related to:
    • municipal services.
    • public places.
    • trees.
    • protection of the natural environment.
    • animals.
    • buildings and other structures.
    • soil removal and deposition.
    • public health.
    • regulation of business.
    • weapons.