Management of Local Government Lands

Local governments have extensive land holdings containing species at risk habitats. These include public parks, ecological reserves, dyke, road and trail rights of way, water and waste treatment facilities, transit facilities, community centres, schools, and administrative and emergency service buildings.

Dyke at pitt lake, bc (c) Mike Pearson

Recommendations for all local government lands:

  • inventory species at risk and important habitat. The 'search by ecosystem' function on this web site can be used to generate lists of potential species.
  • review operating procedures in consultation with relevant species experts, paying special attention to maintenance protocols and public access.
  • restore, create or enhance habitats for species at risk.
  • use native trees and plants for all landscaping.
  • identify as biodiversity preserves watersheds already protected as drinking water sources.

Riparian restoration in robert burnaby park (c) Mike Pearson